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How to change your mindset by Tony Robbins

Why your mindset is essential to success

What does every successful person have in common that has helped them get where they are today? The answer isn’t money or special skills. It’s their mindset. They don’t let negative experiences and events beyond their control affect their state of mind. They recognize that our beliefs shape our world, yet that we have control over our beliefs. They have control over their emotions, mindset, and lives.

It is critical to learn how to modify your thinking if you want to be successful. Positive thinking is linked to increased happiness, less anxiety, and enhanced physical health - all of which can help you achieve your goals. According to one study, having an optimistic attitude contributes to success. According to the hypothesis, positive people are more likable, which helps them create rapport, network, and advance in life.

5 ways to change your mindset


1. Challenge your Limiting Beliefs

Almost everyone has limiting beliefs that keep them from achieving their goals. Those who can challenge and conquer them are more likely to succeed. Those who do not continue to live in negative habits – and many times are unaware of it.

Limiting beliefs are stories we tell ourselves about who we are: shy, overweight, unworthy of love or success. They are false, and they can be replaced with more empowering ideas. Josh's coach worked with him to help him recognize that, rather than confronting opportunities head on, he was reverting to established, limiting behaviors because they were more comfortable for him.

By rebuilding a positive set of habits, he was able to reach new levels of success at work and in his personal life. The change was apparent to Josh, who left him more confident and less afraid of failures.

2. Face your Fears

“Some of the most important things my coach brought to my notice at the time were my belief systems,” Josh recalls. I was looking at everything from a fearful perspective. It's astonishing how my perception altered when I was taught how to detect that.”

Josh was squandering his professional and personal life because he was frightened of failing. Josh's entire life changed when his coach challenged him about his actions. “I realized I was terrified of tremendous, massive opportunities that were hiding in plain sight. It was fantastic to uncover the opportunities that were right in front of my face the entire time after I learned how to leave the zone of fear.”

Fears are destructive emotion, but John didn’t have to accept it, and neither do you. Overcoming your fears is a major step toward how to change your mindset for success.


3. Shift Your Perspective

Learning how to change your thinking may appear daunting, but it does not have to be. Sometimes all it takes to permanently alter your perspective is a two-millimeter adjustment in how you perceive the world. The significance we give to our experiences is a simple choice that we can make. “Nothing in life has any value except the meaning I give it,” Tony adds. Do we see impediments – or possibilities – in our challenges?

This approach to living his best life was immediately beneficial to Josh: "Tony Robbins' coaching was so different because it wasn't just strategies for changing my business, but more about my psychology. What I was doing, what I was thinking, how I was applying meaning to it.”

He continues. “My coach allows me to look at stuff in a different way… I feel that has hugely impacted my business, to the point where it saved my company.” That’s a small shift with massive results.

4. Change your self-talk

When you’re thinking about how to change your mindset, do you find yourself mired in negative thoughts? If you do, focus on your language to change your mindset. Change your self-talk starting with how you begin your day. If you plant positive language in your head at the beginning of the day, you’ll feel more energetic. You might find it effective to make a mantra for yourself, depending on how you’re feeling.

Change your mantra as often as you need to in order to maximize your own power. In addition, remember that it’s okay to need to correct your course many times during the day. To keep your positivity flowing, surround yourself with people whose mindsets reflect where you want to be. And remember, setbacks are normal. Bounce back from setbacks by reminding yourself why you want to change.


5. Get support

Do you want to know how to change your mindset? Do you crave growth and joy in your life, but are unsure of where to start? Working with a professional coach is one of the most effective ways to change your mindset. By partnering up with a mentor who has already walked the path to success, and knows the best strategies to execute to reach it, you, too, can become wildly successful in your life.

Josh benefited greatly from coaching. People who know him best observed a significant change in him: "I've had a lot of people notice a difference." I went through some personal issues, and to be honest, my coach was the main reason I was able to recover so rapidly. Those difficulties were having a severe impact on my business... Actually, two sessions with my coach assisted me in recognizing where I was emotional, why I wasn't as interested in my business, and what I needed to do to correct it.”

By changing his mindset and redirecting his energy toward meeting positive goals, like growing his business, Josh was able to re-establish himself as a businessman and connect on a deeper level with the people in his life.


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