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TBC World Phone


Benefits of the TBC World Phone – 4G SIM Card

Data Bundles

Once you receive your TBC World Phone SIM you will be able to addglobal data bundles up to 1GB, for over 100 countries, which can save you a fortune on data roaming!

Add Unlimited Numbers to TBC World Phone SIM

Our TBC World Phone SIM card has two phone numbers on one SIM, a USA (+1)phone number and a UK (+44) number. You can also add more phonenumbers with our virtual number service. Choose phone numbers from over 50 different countries.

More Coverage

TBC World Phone SIM offers more coverage than the average SIM. With TBC World Phone 4G SIM card you can stay connected in over 200 countries. We will give you 4G in all countries it is available in.

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Global Sim for your own phone

Stay in contact when you travel with a prepaid global SIM card and reduce your roaming charges by up to 85%. Get your TBC World Phone 4G SIM today!
  • Free incoming calls in over 95 countries, coverage in 200 countries
  • Low cost calls, data & SMS worldwide - reduce roaming fees by up to 85%
  • Add data bundles once your sim arrives. *Use for data in iPads and tablets
  • 4G SIM works in any unlocked handset and compatible with all SIM sizes
  • Comes with free UK and USA mobile number & *Multiple numbers for 50+countries
  • Keep your existing number using our Virtual Numbers service


Roam with your existing number

Add multiple numbers to your TBC World Phone 4G SIM global SIM card

You can add multiple phone numbers to your TBC World Phone 4G SIM roaming SIM card; our SIM cards already come with the UK and USA number but if you want to add other countries as well there are over 50 countries to choose from. If you live in any of these 50 countries you can use this service to roam on your existing number without roaming charges. There is no limit to how many numbers you can add to your SIM.



Pre-Paid travel SIM card

Top up anytime, anywhere

Online billing

24/7 Customer Service

Works in all unlocked phones

Call through technology

One SIM, multiple numbers

Premium quality voice calls

Pre-Paid travel SIM card

This Prepaid International SIM card gives you piece of mind as you avoid high roaming charges leaving you to enjoy your trip.