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Play it forward

All Entrepreneurs Should Make Giving Part Of Their Success...

magic golden door Giving Back... Play It Forward... Make The Ripple...

You have probably heard one of these terms... and maybe it did not mean anything to you. But it is a very true fact. "The little things you do today" - can possible affect an entire group or community or city or state, country or the entire world.

A small act of kindness. A special effort to help someone else or solve a problem others experience every day or year.

From Einstein desire to create light - to - Gandi by who refused to eat and brought a nation to its knees. A local small food market owner giving some food to the hungry and a neighbor helping another neighbor during bad times...

Give Small - but start immediately so it become a habit and a plan, just like paying your rent or car note.

The Rewards are AMAZING... And in many forms (Happiness, Friendships, Support, Partners, Advisors, Mentors, Investors and much more...)