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Department: Product / Store - Online

Title: Product / Store Director


WebIdeas Partners – in Kyiv, is based in Los Angeles, California USA.  An Internet Venture, Investment & Management company focused on e-commerce for both pure internet activity and online product sales.

The Web Store Manager - will manage all aspects of product research, product decisions, uploading product data to the store, oversight of order processing. 


  • Conduct research to determine customers' needs and desires.
  • Research new products that correspond to the company’s concept.
  • Add products to web store.
  • Update inventory levels, attributes and categories.
  • Assess competition by comparing products, prices.
  • Support the negotiation process with suppliers.
  • Control and support of the shipping process.
  • Contribute to product strategy and vision of web store.
  • Collect, analyze and correct products data.
  • Implement new features and changes to a product.
  • Oversee overall timetables & processes for ordering, delivery, and warehousing of products.

Your skills:

  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Proficient Excel
  • Extraordinary Cognitive Skills (this will get you the job)
  • Fluent English
  • Strong communication, organization and project leading skills are mandatory
  • Flexibility
  • Multitasking

Work Hours :

Monday - Friday 9:00 to 18:00 but we have some flexibility


Starting Pay $800 - $1,400 based on qualifications and experience. You are paid normal salary during probation period. Probation is 60 days. After successful probation you will receive a pay raise and also get benefits, club membership paid, paid sick and holiday, and stock and options ownership interest in the companies you help build. Pay is every two week. Pay is done by card to card transfer.

Our Commitment:

  • An inspiring challenge for the USA startup company based in Kyiv
  • Career opportunities and personalized development
  • Professional and social benefits

Salary & Benefits:

  • Stock & Options - all employees receive stock & Options in the various internet projects as bonuses to salary.
  • Various 'company paid' - training programs to improve your knowledge and skills.
  • Paid Holidays, Sick Leave & Vacation days.
  • Health Care program (company pays part)
  • Fitness Membership - Pay 50% of most fitness programs
  • Employee Pizza & Sushi Thursday - Lunch with the CEO and all employees - paid by CEO
  • Chase Cash earned and used at Corporate parties to bid on things like roundtrip airline tickets, Prada handbag, Mont Blanc pen, Case of Wine and much more ... (it is fun - it is the way the American CEO does something nice and interesting for employees)
  • Regular unusual opportunities to be treated to interesting and sometimes odd American Culture and Texas Culture by the CEO (Texas-style Coke Floats?)

This is an amazing opportunity and inspiring challenge for work for a USA Internet Venture Investment & Management Company located in Kyiv, building large internet projects, some of which will become publicly traded companies.


And with a CEO that has grown over 35 companies since the age of 15 - who can work ethics and conditions based on the great experiences he has to learn with the business and work culture at Google City, Facebook and much more in Palo Alto, California - the center of Silicon Valley.


A rare opportunity - and you will be part of the company.



Work Times: 9am - 6pm (some variable is possible)

Salary: $800 - $1,400 Starting with increase after 30 / 60 day probation

Probation: 30 to 60 days (paid)

Employee Stock & Option: Stock & Options after Probation

Health Benefits: Available

Holiday / Sick Leave: Paid Holidays / Paid Sick Leave