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Department: Executive

Title: IT Project Director


Project Director - (and other projects)

This is an Executive Level position as the 'Lead Executive' for the Development and Modification of the various sites: The Billionaire Plan , The Billionaires Club,   TBC Hosting & Domains, Prime 1 Domains, and and other related sites-responsible only to CEO / President.

The position will include, but not be limited to:

- Oversight of planning, direction, and implementation of website as approved by CEO / President.

- Web Project Security Control - oversight of ensuring that only authorized parties have access to the Web Assets and taking all measures to protect access points and ensuring such access points are removed from any parties that are determined to be denied access by CEO / President.

- Review Uploads with Director of Web Development prior to being submitted for authorization.

- This position is one of only 2 individuals that are authorized to make any changes and upload to the live website.    

- This Position - by your request and the company's agreement shall have no responsibilities related to hiring, firing, employee management, HR duties, or any form of employee relations at all. And any employee assuming this position has such duties, will be advised by the company where such employee may seek such a relationship. That being established, this position does require it to be one of the steps of interviewing for any positions to be held within TBC / TBP or WebIdeas Partners where such position will be assigned to the TBC / TBP project. Your opinions and notes of a candidate shall remain private, only accessible by President / CEO.

- This Position shall have the senior lead and final decision (subject to CEO / President) as it relates to all off-site contract programs (domestic and international), review of all drafts of Project RFQ's for the TBC / TBP project, senior contact with the 'partner' companies that work with for the various 3rd party platforms within the website, integrations, API implementations, developers, analytic review, Graphic Design, CSD, Product Mgmt, Services offered, and other departments related to the website and any other connection with outside companies that attach to a website property as well as any functionality and 3rd party companies not formally listed here that supply the functionality of the website.

- This position shall be the primary contact and part decision as to the direction of marketing, advertising, social media efforts, and other efforts to promote the site.

Salary is Negotiable based on experience.

Benefits Include:

Above Market Salary

Stock & Options in the Projects you are building (the CEO has taken several companies onto Wall Street and has experience in growing successful companies)

Paid Vacation / Paid Holidays

Success Bonus's

Work Times: 9am - 6pm (some variable is possible)

Salary: $ 1000 - $ 1500 to start, raise on successful probation

Probation: 30 to 60 days (paid)

Employee Stock & Option: Stock & Options after Probation

Health Benefits: Available

Holiday / Sick Leave: Paid Holidays / Paid Sick Leave