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Department: Research

Title: Research & Content Manager


WebIdeas Partners - Kyiv Ukraine Office, but main office is based in Los Angeles, California, a US Internet Venture, Investment & Management company focused on e-commerce for both pure internet activity and online product sales.


  • Good ability to find information on the internet and be able to secure information from the research.
  • Be organized in placing research into a database or spreadsheet to the information that can be used by a programmer to install it into the website.
  • Ensure data is complete and scrubbed.
  • Good ability to determine what is unique and interesting from things that are just normal.
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.


We WILL train you to do the job if you have good intelligence and good cognitive skills.


  1. Conduct multiple types of research related to business, lifestyle, e-commerce, advertising services and etc.
  2. Producing reports showing a list of items required.
  3. Interact with owners & managers of these items and secure information as required.
  4. Customer support for the website (will be decided after probational review).
  5. Content managing of the website platforms.

Work Hours:

Monday - Friday 9:00 to 18:00 but we have some flexibility.


Starting pay during 30 days probation period $ 650+ / month, and more based on qualifications and experience. You are paid normal salary during probation period. Probation is 30 - 60 days. After probation period, if Quality of work is good, salary will be increased... After probation you also get benefits, club membership paid, paid sick and holiday, and stock and options ownership interest in the companies you help build ... Pay is every two weeks.  Pay is done by card to card transfer.

Our Commitment:

  • An inspiring challenge for the USA startup company based in Kyiv.
  • Career opportunities and personalized development.
  • Professional and social benefits.


  • Stock & Options - all employees receive stock & Options in the various internet projects as bonuses to salary.
  • Training Programs - various 'company paid' - training programs to improve your knowledge and skills.
  • Holidays / Sick Leave - the company 'does' have a Paid Holidays / Vacation & Sick Leave program.
  • Health Care - program available after launch (company pays part).
  • Fitness Membership - Pay 50% of most fitness programs.
  • Employee Pizza & Sushi Thursday - Lunch with the CEO and all employees - paid by CEO.
  • Chase Cash earned and used at Corporate parties to bid on things like roundtrip airline tickets, Prada handbag, Mont Blanc pen, Case of Wine, and much more ... (it is fun - it is the way the American CEO does something nice and interesting for employees).
  • American Culture - Our CEO being from Texas & Los Angeles, you will have regular & unusual opportunities to be treated to interesting and sometimes odd American Culture and Texas Culture by the CEO (Texas-style Coke Floats? or Elvis Presley Sandwich ?  And absolutely Texas Bar-B-Que).

This is an amazing opportunity and inspiring challenge for work for a USA Internet Venture Investment & Management Company based in Kyiv, building large internet projects, some of which will seek to become publicly traded companies. And working with a CEO / President that has grown over 35 companies since the age of 15 - and put 2 of his companies on WallStreet and with such knowledge knows the work ethics & conditions to grow success in addition to learning culture from experiences at Google & Facebook and much more in Palo Alto, California - the center of Silicon Valley. A rare opportunity - to be part of an American Startup in Kyiv.

Work Times: 9am - 6pm (some variable is possible)

Salary: $ 650 - $ 750

Probation: 30 to 60 days (paid)

Employee Stock & Option: Stock & Options after Probation

Health Benefits: Available

Holiday / Sick Leave: Paid Holidays / Paid Sick Leave